Things Not to Do When Coding


A programmer who has not experienced mistakes is no programmer at all. His skills evolve as he encounters bugs and failure. It is your response to mistakes that will make you a better programmer. But you do not have to be the one who has to fail in order to be successful in programming. Many people who build a website for their own use or for online shops like Lazada and Zalora have encountered many mistakes when coding. Learn from them and do not mimic the same errors as they did.

Looking for Technology

Because of the fast-paced innovation in web development in today’s generation, we can often find ourselves looking for the best tool to use for our sites. This is a good thing as long as you do not spend all your time checking out new technology. They are built for a reason. And that is to assist us programmers in coding. Although they make our jobs easier, they should not dictate how we do our codes. We should not be dependent on these tools but instead, they should supplement our skills as programmers.

Being Too Carefulcomputer language

If you are too careful in coding and programming, it will take you a lifetime before you finish a particular program. Do not be scared in trying out different stuff. You can study the right codes beforehand and then do the implementation during your work. But you should not be too scared of trying something that you designed. If you are not brave enough, you will not increase your level of skill as a programmer. Sometimes, trial and error is the only way to approach a problem. Who knows? By testing a new method or code, you will be solving lots of problems in your company. This is a result of taking the plunge and not being too afraid to try.

Isolating Yourself

Even if you are the greatest programmer in the world, it is not healthy for anyone to be alone. You should be part of a community of programmers that can help you with your problems and issues.