Characteristics of a Good Web Design

Programmers will always make sure that their design is the best that they ever did. But what you think is the best may not look appealing to consumers and website visitors. Designing a website is still relative depending on the response of web users on how you build a website. But even if this is the case, you can still find a baseline on how to make your website look good.

Fast Response

designAs a programmer and web manager, you should always keep in mind the response of your website based on their own searches. To know about how fast your pages load, you must try it using a different device without any cookies of your existing site. The faster the loading of the page, the better it is. You can also use apps like GT Metrix or Pingdom to analyze how fast your loading speed is. You have to remember that it only takes up to 20 seconds of waiting for a user to click back to the search results page and look for another website that works.


If you are currently living under a rock, then you should remind yourself to make your website as interactive as possible to users. Responsive buttons are a way to do it. Sometimes, pop-ups are great when used in the right way. Videos can also enhance the overall experience of your site. People seem to like websites that look like mobile apps. They want websites that interact and communicate with them. You have to use your programming skills to design a platform for your web pages that will make the whole user experience great and memorable. Remember, the longer they stay in your site, the better is its design.


Proper Structure

Do you know what Hx Tags are? They designate the flow of your content from start to finish. Website users may not notice this but search engines will definitely analyze your web design structure. An article should have proper tags so that search engines will identify it as something that talks about what the user was searching for. If your tags are all over the place, your page will not rank at all in search engines. What good is a nice interface if no one can view it?